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  • I promised an open office when I invited people to invest and help support Microcosm ( ).

    Our office is a hut in an artist complex next to Waterloo rail station. It's closest to Lambeth North tube station than anything.

    The artist space is called Make Space Studios.

    Google Map

    Address: Studio 39, Make Space Studios, Newnham Terrace, London, SE1 7DR.

    Once you're on Newnham Terrace the directions are:

    1) Head up the stairs with the pink handrail.
    2) At the top of the stairs turn left. Literally at the top of the stairs (no need to go through reception).
    3) Head down the side of the building towards the Simulator Gallery & at the end... keep on going.
    4) We're in the next block of studios at the very end - the red studio on the left.

    You can bring your bikes into the office, but it does involve carrying it up the metal staircase first (I do this when I cycle - most days - it's not a burden but if it's icy it might be an issue).

    I'm usually here from 9-10am each morning through to about 6-7pm.

    Also... the office has spare desks. As in, if you're a freelancer or programmer looking to base yourself somewhere we have desks for rent in the unit for £150 per month including all taxes, rates, electric, heating, and internet. Come have a look if you're interested.


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