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  • Vintage Rudge single speed....

    rudge aero

    The build is 95% complete, just a few finishing touches to do when I've spare time at the weekend.

    Wheel build courtesy of on H Plus Son rims.

    And a big thanks to Rick and Tom for their help with my bicycle problems and for bullying me into the colour scheme..nice work guys :)

    Unfortunately I couldn't use the Rudge chainwheel as the bottom bracket shell was wrecked and had a damaged cup jammed inside. So a Shimano UN55 (I think) was popped in and seems to be holding up. A BLB Pista Vera crankset was a nice traditional alternative.

    A few bars were tried out in the shop and, but it wasn't until these nitto bars went on that it all came together.

    Bar tape etc...still undecided. You would think that Brooks would match up their olive greens, but their bar tape isn't even close to the saddle, so will maybe add some dark brown grips later on.

    This bike is fast and very smooth! I love it. Just a few things to sort like transfers on the new parts and NOS 1940s Miller lamp will be added shortly as a finishing touch.


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