• Me and Mrs dooks just got defraudulated to the tune of about £15,000 and counting.

    Quite impressive really. Am awaiting the bank's best explanation with folded arms and my best "this had better be good" face on. These fuckers set it all up over a few weeks, applied for loans, extended overdrafts, opened new accounts then went into half a dozen branches over the weekend and emptied the lot in 24hrs. They online transferred money into other, presumably also fake, accounts (HOW?! I don't even have a card or internet or telephone passcode for this account!). Since the 16th November they took out at least two loans of £3k each, extended all of our overdrafts from £600 to £3000 and emptied both of our current accounts and joint account right up to the new limits. They also opened something called an "option account" in my name and rinsed that of £6,000 taken out over the counter (presumably with fake ID?!) all in one day. They even used one of my accounts to move money INTO then took that out in cash too. And no-one from the bank called us until Monday morning. I'm still finding weird stuff now.

    Bravo Barclays, bravo. My already fond memories of recently having to return to my branch three times with passports, two other forms of photo ID and more recent proofs of address before you'd let me update my details are now positively rosy. Your charming refusal to close my fully paid off credit card account now seems even more wise.


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