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  • How to add pins to the map, a worked example.
    Stuff that's specific to the pin I'm adding now goes in italics. You will have to figure out exactly what to do based on the description and the example

    1) Go to the map
    2) If you're not logged into your Google account, do so
    3) Go to the last page of the tags and find the last one. In this case, it's tag 586
    4) Find the last tag in this thread. For me, it's­l#post3089922
    5) Read the thread until you find the next one, that you'll be adding. It's here:­ml
    6) Figure out where it is! You can keep reading to find the subsequent tag.­ml, Paxman Musical Instruments, on Union Street.
    7) Back on the map, click the "Edit" button.
    8) Zoom to the tag location
    9) At the top of the map, are three buttons: a hand (move around the map), a blue pin (drop a pin), and a line (draw lines). Select the blue pin and click on the tag location.
    10) Enter the new tag number as the title. 587
    11) Switch to the "Rich text" mode and try to think up a witty one-liner to describe the tagger and the tag location. Jurek gets the horn for Paxman Musical Instruments (fnar)
    12) Back on the forum, copy the address of the image. On the map, click the insert picture button (looks like green hills on blue sky), paste in the address and OK.
    13) Back on the forum, copy the address of the post. On the map, select the picture you just inserted, and press the "link" button (looks like a chain link). Paste in the link and OK
    14) Change the pin to the orange numbers. Copy this address:­d_map_spin&chld=0.75|-0|FFCC33|12|_| then click on the pin icon (top right, probably a blue pin by default), choose "Add an icon", paste in the URL and add the tag number after the pipe character "|".­d_map_spin&chld=0.75|-0|FFCC33|12|_|587
    15) Press OK on the pin.
    16) Back on the left of the map, press "Save" and then either add another or press "Done"


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