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  • The track is not open for free riding during the day. There are often school sessions and other things going on and the site needs to be locked when no-one is there to supervise usage. As it is managed entirely by volunteers people aren't able to be on site all the time.

    I think you might have put people's nose out of joint by asking if it's "locked and patrolled" implying you'd consider breaking in if you wouldn't get caught. I'm sure you were just misunderstood.

    You'd be more than welcome to come and try the track sometime during a proper session. If you're traveling from Brighton you'd probably want to come along on a weekend. Public sessions are on saturdays march-october (if the only track you have ridden is Brighton you'll need to do an induction). Alternatively you can book a group taster session for anytime the track isn't in use. Bring some mates and make a day of it.


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