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  • Seems like a silly and confusing rule to me. If a game is 60 mins, then its 60 mins, not 61 or 62... Seems very open to gamesmanship by one team just fouling the other to 'stop play'. Why not just count down as normal when 30 mins is up? I think every game so far has done this....

    Yes, it's 60 minutes.

    For example in the Killer Bees game, the first half was about 32 minutes, the second about 28.

    In the Dragon Slayers game, it was about 31 minutes, and about 29 minutes.

    Just stop time, and restart it when you start the second half.

    Again, it's not 2 halves of 30 minutes, it's a 60 minute game, with a switchover roughly halfway though.

    It would be pointless to foul to stop the half, it achieves nothing (in terms of time).

    Why not count down to 30 minutes? Because it's a pointless arbitrary break in play, that could stop a team mid play. Doing it at the next break stops that.

    But I'm coming to the conclusion that this ruling is bringing more problems than it solves (the fairness of playing at both ends). So at the moment I'm tempted to scrap the switchover, and just play the full 60 in one go (which was my original intention anyway, I was just allowing for the tactical benefit of one end at Mitch, or early morning sun at Downs)


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