• For those who are thinking of volunteering.

    The technology stack is:

    Database: Postgres
    File storage: Riak (probably)
    APIs: Go
    Web: Python+Django (very probably)

    It is extremely likely that the place we will want the most help will be in the web layer, creating the HTML and JS templates.

    We want to focus on a very responsive layout, with as few as possible HTTP calls, well-templated and sane, yet mind-blowingly nice for the end user. We want this to be as beautiful and elegant as our server code... easy to maintain, well-documented, easy to customise.

    The idea is that the APIs are the platform, but that anyone could take the web layer and if they don't like the way it looks, they could change it 100%. We've done the hard work of storing stuff and querying it, you can tweak a site to look however you want. So the web layer needs to be really well done.

    There will be some web sockets going on from the API layer... for the parts of a page that will magically change.


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