• I don't know if any of you guys are interested, but the last week of the Tour is easily accessible by direct train from London, which means you can put your bike fully built, no bag bullshit.

    The itinerary would be something like:

    Eurostar Saturday morning to Avignon DIRECT, arrives early afternoon.

    Ride 50k to Malaucene (foot of Ventoux), camp in a camp-site (there's one at Mont Serein, 3/4 way up Ventoux,) or rough.

    Sunday stand by side of road with 1/2 million spectators and watch stage go by.

    Monday head north, 100k of hills to Serres, camp.

    Tuesday another 100k, this time with 2 cols over 1200m to Bourg d'Oisans.

    Wednesday, ride Alpe d'Huez, maybe camp up high.

    Thursday watch stage (see Sunday)

    Friday ride 140 downhill to Valence, and either camp near Valence or take train to Avignon and camp near Avignon.

    Saturday, have a huge lunch in one of Avignon's excellent restaurant and take direct train at 1400 back to London.

    Keen on this, what's the deal with camping? Carry a lightweight tent and sleeping bag or just a bivvy?

    Realistically how fit do you think you'd have to be? Monday to Thursday looks like some pretty serious riding.


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