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  • This is so nice to hear 36x18.

    Out of curiosity, at what age do think you'll feel able to let the boys ride without parental supervision?

    I have to admit, I don't know yet. I started riding on the road at 13, but in the shires and in an era when Morris Minors were still relevant. I am certain that my road sense didn't become useful until I was about 25 after 7 years of driving and motorcycling, and proper self-preservation occurred to me ten years after that. So when they are 35 I'll let them out of my sight.

    To me, 10 does seem a bit young to be let loose, not for the physical control of a bike, but because so much of our survival in the traffic is about correct reactions to the unpredictable and unplanned. That is a maturity of character issue more than knowledge of the Highway Code, which may not be there for a bit. The consequences of getting it wrong on the road are so severe that I'd like to protect mine for a bit longer. Is one of the Golden Rules to assume everyone else is an idiot? I haven't told them that yet!

    Any reason you chose not to be a part of it? I ask because I always encourage parents to at least sit in for a couple of reasons:

    If the child forgets something taught a month down the line from their training parents can reiterate good practise. Also you don't want to be doing the opposite things if you're on a ride together i.e. instructor advises taking a prominent position in single lanes/through road works and parent not knowing darts for the gutter.

    I understand all of that, and will go on their lessons in the future, but for the first one, I decided that alone they would have given Patrick undivided attention, and behave better as is always the case when parents are not around. There would have been a lot more bickering and moaning with a softer audience.

    Besides, I wanted a coffee, not a cold bike ride...


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