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  • Almost a year ago I put down my deposit with Rob English for him to build me a custom twenty niner . I was intending to race in the Tour Divide in 2O13, but after spending 8 months building a whole new workshop I realised how unrealistic this was.
    I still plan to race it, but it will need to be put off another year.
    The bike however will still be going ahead as planned, and my place in the queue is almost here.

    I'm about to start the discussions with Rob about exactly what I want. I've had a firm idea about this since day one. I want this bike to be as adaptable as possible so there are a few features you don't find on the average MTB...such as a folding frame, interchangeable front and rear wheels, custom frame bag mounts, custom aero bars etc.
    It was almost sorted in my mind...but then I started to really miss my favourite MTB of all Surly Pugsley.
    I had the first Pugsley officially imported into the UK...many years ago and I loved every minute spent riding now, my design plans may be about to change drastically. :]

    I'll edit this post once I have more to tell. :]