• @French Touch - can sympathise. Used to do the Eglington Rd stretch into town daily, but I was passing at 6am and whilst the roadworks were on, so it was never quite so bad.

    As bitrunner said, can you bump across just after the petrol garage and join Victoria Rd? Surface is crap, but there's a bus lane all the way in and you haven't got that dodgy 'move right to go straight on'. It's my current route in (on an orange recumbent...)

    I'm in town now, so not so much of a worry. It was a ride back from having popped into a party at the slow café on vicky road - it would have made sense to go straight but old habits die hard - I used to ride in from shawlands when I lived there. Anyway none of it should have been a problem if there wasn't an arse driving a taxi who was intent on assaulting me.