• A couple of weeks ago I had an almost exact copy of Korova's accident on the same bit of road (Balham High Road).

    Rush hour traffic, I was moving a lot faster up CS7 than the cars in the main lane. A right-turning car was waved through by a van which obscured both our views and I hit him at full speed at the passenger side. He was turning into a carpark rather than a side road so I wasn't really looking out for right-turners. I went over the bonnet, smashed his windscreen and landed in the road with a smashed helmet but otherwise less injuries than a heavy polo session. Unfortunately my beloved Moser snapped in half, wheel exploded etc. I was a bit shocked at the time but luckily the cyclist behind me reminded me to call the police asap. Driver waited around and we exchanged details. He claimed it wasn't his fault as I was undertaking (I guess this is the tricky bit with cycle lanes).

    I claimed on his insurance the same day and last week they agreed to pay out. However, had a letter/form from the Met asking for details and saying that I may be prosecuted for dangerous driving/cycling which I've just filled out and sent back. I believe I was in the right and comments in this thread seem to confirm that but waiting for judgement. I haven't pushed for prosecution which maybe I should have (you get the option to make a recommendation and I went for driver training instead). I'm not sure what prosecuting would gain. I feel like training and paying his excess/increased premiums would be enough to make him to take more care next time.

    I'm definitely going to get 3rd party insurance though, in case it's less clear-cut next time.


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