• I think what this unfortunate rider says means that's in question:

    I would have been following too close if I had been directly behind him instead of between the lanes of traffic, and as I said I don't remember exactly what happened, I glanced over to the taxi on my right and the next thing I know I'm on the floor. So either I veered left or he veered right (and by necessity I'm pretty careful on E+C), but as I have no memory of it I wouldn't accuse anyone else of being at fault. If I'd gone directly into the back of him I would have gone over the roof from back to front and down the windscreen, instead of over the right and down the left side of his car. Also the Police attended so there is an incident report, I've had a letter saying its still being investigated. I don't mind getting in touch and getting it sorted if I am liable, but I am worried that he is just trying it on. Shouldn't his insurance company be contacting me?


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