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    A few weeks ago I had an accident. Into the side/back of a car on E+C, he braked suddenly. Bike frame trashed, clavicle broken. I really don't remember it much, helmet saved me but was quite dazed. It may well have been my fault but I couldn't say either way for sure.

    Just got a phone call, the driver asking "what are we going to do about it". Apparently I broke his rear headlight. I don't have car insurance on my bike funnily enough so I just said "I'm not going to pay for your light, or anything do with your car" and hung up.

    Has he got any legal recourse? Because I'm minded to just ignore him.

    After I collided with him I went over his roof and into the side of a black cab, denting the door, haven't heard from him though....

    Originally I said:

    *Call him back, apologise, suggest going halves, but really you should pay for his light. It's the right thing to do.
    As it sounded like who was at fault wasn't in question.

    If I'd gone directly into the back of him I would have gone over the roof from back to front and down the windscreen, instead of over the right and down the left side of his car. Also the Police attended so there is an incident report, I've had a letter saying its still being investigated. I don't mind getting in touch and getting it sorted if I am liable, but I am worried that he is just trying it on. Shouldn't his insurance company be contacting me?

    Now it sounds like the incident was more complex than that I've no idea what you should do. Personally I'd wait for the incident report and see if that clears things up. He may be contacting you directly as he may not have insurance (cnut) or doesn't want to deal with the hassle, excess etc. How did he get your number?


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