• It's very down.

    Bummer, as I was wanting to know if any Bristolians or Bath riders were going to go to the Red Bull MTB thing this Thursday.

    i.e. Should I come down? Could be a blast... anyone thinking of doing it?

    You know, I could help out if TDO wants the help.

    I mean... I have spare capacity on these servers that run LFGSS and I monitor and work on these things every day (work = hangout). So I'd fix any issues immediately.

    If TDO wants it, I could host.

    And if they really want, I might consider putting ukfgss.com to good use and moving lfgss.com to london.ukfgss.com and then create a bristol.ukfgss.com for you guys and give you the same software that LFGSS uses. Basically I'd lower the status of LFGSS and give equal capabilities with other city sites. Your admins would continue to be your admins, etc... I'd just cover the hosting and day to day by sharing the resources I have.

    I'd only do that if you guys wanted it.

    Me, I just want your forum up the one time recently I've been gagging to get on there.


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