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  • So it’s finally in a ridable state and half way there.

    In its current guise it’s set up for my gf until her bike comes. Afterwards it’ll have drops and bar ends. Then wider silver wheels.

    The Good:

    • It rides well. It’s a lot stiffer than I expected. It’s most probably 531ST I wouldn’t have thought you’d be able to feel “the ST“ as much as you can.
    • I can’t really describe the geo very well but it feels fairly quick and nibble rather than sluggish.
    • The cheapo second hand trigger shifters are surprisingly good.

    All in all pleased.

    The Bad:

    • The FD needs adjusting, still. There is rub on the middle ring and the shift onto the big ring isn’t immediate.
    • The gear ratios... I need more time on the bike, and some more hills, but the increments just don’t feel quite how I would have liked. Maybe I’m just too used to 10 speed with a closer ratio, or need practice with a triple.
    • The rear QR keeps slipping when I put my foot down – moving the wheel and then rubbing the tyre on the inside stay. This is obviously a serious issue for a bike for my inexperienced gf! Any suggestions?

    The Other:

    • Cables need tidying
    • Some brake cables need shortening – but until the bars are switched I’m reluctant.
    • Canti’s still need a little tweaking
    • Front fork mounted cable holder was a mod-job and flexes and moves a little. Shortening the front cable may resolve.
    • 28mm tyres feel small/thin. With the firm ride, I think I need something bigger, but will have to check the clearances.

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