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  • A couple of steps back.

    My GF's new bike is being delayed so with the Olympics coming I thought I'd go back to the plan of setting it up with trigger shifters as an interim solution.

    Crankset issue sorted thanks to a square taper version of the existing one. FD set up after much confusion and the removal of a ramping pin. Many thanks to Dammit for the last bit of clarity.

    As it standing it's heading straight for anti. Especially once it gets it's neon green grips back.

    However, I shall see how it rides and once I get it back the drops and bar ends will go on. Ultimately the more I think about it the more I like the idea of using TA cranks with a 1x9 set up and a closer ratio for the city. Then when I do need the extra gears switch the chainrings round for a touring double.

    First things first though; (I) build as is, (II) drops/bar ends, and (III) build wheelset.


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