• Cycling down Tooting High Street this afternoon in the lovely, shiny, blue CycleSuperHighway (littered with parked cars as usual).
    Stationary traffic to my right as is also the usual case.

    A car turned through a gap in the stationary traffic from the oncoming lane and unfortunately drove through me in the process.
    Thankfully I just saw her coming in time to control my fall on to her bonnet and only had a mild bounce along the road.
    I had a helmet on and suffered no injuries at all, not even a bruise or a graze.

    Alas, the same can not be said for my poor Geekhouse.
    My front rim is completely destroyed, as is the hub I think.
    The forks and frame seem fine, but obviously I need to get this checked out.

    I have the driver's details and told her that I expect her to pay for the damage to my bike but I'm not interested in being an arse and making a claim on her insurance or anything like that, but it's a pretty expensive bike she decided to drive through and I feel she should pay.
    She disputed liability as "you were going too fast and not looking where you were going. The other driver waved me through. I had the right of way".
    All of this is complete bullshit to my mind.

    Can anyone suggest where would be good to get the frame/fork checked out for alignment?
    I'm based in South London so local would be better.

    I took pictures at the scene, got her contact details, car registration etc.
    Anything else I should have done?
    I've not contacted the police as I was uninjured - should I call them?

    Behold my poor bike:


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