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  • Hmmm... well the pressing need for speed has been somewhat negated by my GF buying a friends bike. Which also means a few wasted parts.

    I'm going to try and keep on for a second hand square taper decore on the basis that I can switch the rings and it will be more practical in the long run.

    The other option is an old touring double.

    The good thing is I can now ditch the flats and pod shifters in favour of bar ends. The pain is that until I've got the cranks I don't know what length BB to get... which kinda means that there's not much point in moving on it.

    On thing I was wondering tho, was whether to spray the top tube? It has a dent that was filled so it's just an undercoat at the moment. The colours a nice metallic green, so I was wondering about trying a rattle can (but good) blue fade from the top 1/4 of the rear stays along the top tube, but stopping before the headset (so I can just mask). It also means less paint to buy.

    Any other suggestions for more intereting DIY paint jobs.


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