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  • I bought what originally I thought was going to be a Dawes Galaxy off Hillary, but it then after someone noticing the lack of any braze-ons it transpired that it was actually some sort of 90s CX frame.

    Either way it’s a nice classic 531st with nice lugs and a shit paint job.

    The original intention was for to create a low spec version of velocio's "one-bike". Its first incarnation being a singlespeed cross-ish bike, with flat bars (this was back in August 2010). That never happened. Next was a big tyred winter bike for this years snow. That never happend.

    Since then I’ve been building it with the aim of getting it ready for a tour from Bordeaux (ish) to Santiago de Compostela.

    ... so it’s been a slow project to say the least.

    I have slowly amassed the parts:

    **Frame: 531 ST Dawes mystery CX
    Chainset: Decore Triple Chainset 26 / 36 / 48t
    FD/RD: Decore XT
    Cassette: Decore 9 Speed 11-34t
    Shifters: DA bar end
    Wheels: 36h Mavic A319s with DA hubs and 28c pasela panaracers
    Brakes: Tektro 720s and 105 aero levers
    Bars: 48cm Nitto noodle bars

    Now my girl friend wants to get a bike so I thought I’d help save her some money in the short term while she decides what she wants, plus it'll finally get the bike on the road where it should be!

    So the brief has changed a bit:
    • Flat bars
    • Shifters pods
    • Tekro levers
    • *Maybe *fatter tyres
    I would like to have bought some Pauls Thumbies and used the DA shiters, but I'm not that flush right now and there are a few other things to buy. Plus these 9-speeds were going for a bargain.


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