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  • Have to agree that it's not a great place to train in a group. That said, it's not a great place to train on your own either in rush hour (or anywhere near it).

    I use it a lot for my midweek rides as it's a 10 minute spin from my house, but I do try to make sure I'm there pre 5 o'clock, post 7, or early in the morning. There are so many people there who haven't got a fucking clue what they're doing I end up riding much harder than I plan to often - just to get myself out of 'the mix'... problem is that some chumps view that as a challenge, hanging onto your back wheel, without a clue what hand signals mean and nearly riding into the back of me because I actually stop for red lights (club kit..) and they're too busy chewing the bartape to notice.

    I'm not blowing my own trumpet, I'm very well aware that there are many people on here and out there a great deal faster than me, but people trying to ride at a pace above which they are comfortable in rush hour is a recipe for disaster. Strava doesn't help either - people jumping out on the zoo sprint and all that other bollocks is a nightmare.. at least I know it might be coming, drivers don't have a clue - nor should they.

    Fwiw - I wouldn't bother questioning what bmmf is saying, it makes perfect sense if you think about it. Besides, he is almost always right and has been riding harder/longer/faster for longer than 99.9% of the people on this forum.


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