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  • Echo c.b's sentiments - so sorry that happened tonight and I hope you got home ok.

    Maybe time to reiterate a few things to those thinking of coming along:

    This is a fast and reasonably serious ride, that requires a reasonable level of fitness. The aim is to be inclusive, but there are a few things to be noted to ensure everything goes smoothly:

    • If you're not comfortable riding at 22mph for an hour, then this isn't for you. You're welcome to tag along but please peel off safely when you're beginning to flag. Not once you've blown up. This keeps things smooth.
    • If you're not comfortable riding in a group, this isn't the place to learn. Things can be reasonably tight, and reasonably fast. Circumstances change quickly, and you should be able to deal with this safely.
    • If you're not familiar with the bike, get to grips with it somewhere else. The middle of a bunch at 25mph isn't the place to realise that you're paralysed from the lower back down because of fit issues, isn't the place to forget pedalling when you're out on your first ride trying to get used to fixed, and definitely isn't the place to be riding brakeless for the first time.
    • If you've got legs hewn from granite and the stamina of an olympian you're more than welcome to shoot off the front in a display of awesome might, but please overtake safely and give whomever you pass plenty of room before you drift back in.
    • Please make sure your bike is roadworthy. Tyres, running gear and stopping mechanisms (plural).
      Sod your own welfare, if something goes wrong you can end up in a mangled wreck of spokes, oil, shredded flesh and broken bones. That's your own business. What is not on is putting those around you at risk.
    • This ride obeys the rules of the road. This includes stopping for reds and giving way where appropriate. You may not be in club kit, but you're still visible as a cyclist. Acting like a dick spoils it for the rest of us.

    This list will no doubt grow, but that's a good start. There are a few specific instances from tonight that these directly refer to, and some are things that haven't been said for a while. I'm not going to hammer the point home any more forcefully than that.

    Ride fast and stay safe, hopefully see some of you again next week.


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