• I had a small batch of these made, and I'm selling the ones I don't need for my/family bikes at £10 posted to UK Payment by bank transfer

    For outside the UK, PayPal payment £20 including postage for any destination served by Royal Mail "Signed For" services.

    Black anodised 6082T6 aluminium, weight about 3.1g, fits Cane Creek IS heasdets (41mm or 41.8mm bearings, 45/46/47/48mm OD head tube) replacing the typical 10mm to 20mm conical spacer/headset upper bearing cover, so you can get your stem way down low. Only 1mm of stack added above the upper bearing centring collet. You may need to add or subtract shims to get the axial clearance dialled in..

    It's designed for the common Cane Creek IS2 and clones. If your steerer is 1⅛" and your bearings are 41mm dia. 45°/36° or 41.8mm 45°/45°, it should fit, and if your head tube is 45mm dia. or 46mm or 47mm or 48mm too it will line up nicely to boot.

    To determine which size you need, refer to the instructions and diagram below.
    Measure the head tube diameter at the top. Measure the depth - to do this, assemble the headset and stem and adjust the preload, then, without lifting the front wheel off the ground (which will tend to move the steerer and thereby mess up the precise position of the compression ring) measure the depth from the top of the compression ring ③ to the top of the head tube. From this dimension, subtract 0.2-0.5mm, which is the recommended clearance, to get the required internal depth of your bearing cover. Stock depths are 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. If your result is less than 2mm, you'll want a 2mm deep cover and one or more 0.25mm shims on top of the compression ring. These shims can be found in most people's parts bin, if there aren't any in yours ask your LBS or friends.

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