• Hey

    I'm very new at this forum and with fixed gear bikes in general. But i'm very eager to dive in, so already thanks for any help. :)

    I was able to buy an old race bike from a friend for around 50 euro (I'm from Belgium).

    I think about converting it into a fixie although i am a newbie. I've ridden fixed gears and track bikes on some occasions and really liked it.

    So things i've planned to do
    -Replacing the wheels (with a fixed hub off-course :p)
    -Replacing the saddle
    -Cleaning the frame (anybody has some tips on rusty parts ?)
    -Removing the brakes when i feel safer

    The front sprocket seems pretty intact so i'm probably going to keep it (a good idea ?)
    I like the look of the handle bars and brakes so I'm planning to keep them to.

    Thanks for your time and I will keep you informed.


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