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  • Relakks are great because as a pre-paid service they don't keep a user database... and if they don't have such a thing, no-one could ever gain access to it.

    All that they could ever hand over to anyone is subscriber details, but you could use any details to register (non-identifying), as their payment provider is disconnected from them so that it's not possible to link them together.

    Finally, under Swedish law it's not even possible to force handover of details unless a court believes they are certain of getting a 2 year conviction for your activities. Which for most people is extremely unlikely.

    And yes it slows things down slightly... it adds encryption (perhaps 20 milliseconds at each end), and it sends traffic via Sweden (perhaps another 100 milliseconds at worse).

    If you have good broadband you won't notice at all. A slow site is still noticeable, fast sites remain fast.


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