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  • Thank you FLRN HSSL for the brochures - very interesting. Love the pictures also Natal, Carabo, FLRN HSSL and Miro O etc... I'm off to Berlin today, but when I get back I'll post some pictures of my PDM Concorde and the some close-ups of the USA one. A couple of years ago Wiggle started flogging (although now discontinued) a Concorde bike - although don't know who produced it.­ke-pdm-zoom.jpg

    As others have said, it seems that the frames were sourced from different manufacturers in Italy, imported by Veltec and sprayed in Belgium. From that point of view it's interesting as there seems to be difference in consistency. You might get an Astore with different tubing and detailing on the tubing i.e. Concorde being stamped on the end of the seat stays. You also appear to have got a huge range of paint choices at the time, unlike Raleigh or Peugeot at the time. I really like my two bikes and rather intrigued by the whole Concorde thing.


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