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  • So, I'm getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 from T Mobile tomorrow to replace my Wildfire (Flashed to death). I'm going to be semi brave and root it pretty much straight away but not flash a custom rom just yet. What bloatware should I freeze with titanium to make it better without disabling pretty much all other functionality? From experience T Mobile seem to put more shit on there than anyone else and I've just rooted and flashed to get rid of it in the past. I kind of want to leave this one standard for a little while just in case I have to return it for any reason but if I can't freeze enough of the bloat I will flash hacksung.

    I'm finding XDA a bit heavy going on this subject as some of it seems to cross over with the US T Mobile bits so I was hoping someone might have done this on here.

    Either get your phone from Carphonewarehouse, which means the phone is unlocked anyway, or order the phone with the T-Mobile contract, but an unlocked handset....... as you need it for travelling abroad. I am with T-Mobile and got this done through FoneHouse. They had to order the phone in, but it was totally unlocked when it arrived.

    No bloatware if it's an unlocked handset. Hope that helps.


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