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  • Hi everyone,

    for my birthday I decided to give myself a frame building course at the former framebuilder of the german olympic team and track professionals Christian Pyttel (Textima)

    I will try to get some suggestions for the build, as well as post some pictures from the course and of the following building of the whole bike.

    First off: I'm planning to get a road bike.
    No need for a track bike - racing in the velodrome to rarely ... no need for a cyclocross - built up my Singular peregrine which is just fine ... no need for a tourer - again, got the peregrine that i could equid with fenders and racks ... already got a roadbike as well, but a second one can't hurt ;)

    So far I'm thinking of getting a fillet brazed frame (just like he used to build his textimas) hidden fender mounts, internal cable routing, vertical dropouts, 2 bottle cage mounts ... what else??

    The only 2 points I'm not as certain yet are tubing and componets.

    For tubing he offers Columbus SL/B ... I'd like to spend a little more for a lighter/better tubeset. Columbus MAX seems great since I really like riding my MXL.
    Which tubesets would justify spending a little more money on, to get a nice riding frame for a tall guy?

    As for components I'm not sure whether I should invest ~500 to get a modern (used) groupset or rather go for a nice older dura ace group for example.
    Are the mid-level modern groupsets better than older top range groups?

    So far thats it ... will start posting pictures march 5th, when the course begins.


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