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  • So this is in the works at the moment. It started with a cheeky blag, the hope that I could fulfil my lust for a 29er on the cheap... but realistically unless I wanted to accept a freebie OTP that I didn't really want, I wasn't going to be happy.

    So instead of accepting or looking for a freebie, I figured I'd think about what I really wanted and see if it was possible to make that come true even if I struggled to pay for it. Which is the reality now... struggling to pay for it.

    What is the bike? Well, I wanted a classic looking 29er, something with heritage and quality, but that would be a joy to ride.

    I did look at the Niner SIR 29er, and the On-One Scandal and Singular Swift, but to my eye the aesthetics were not quite there and they all struck me as making design decisions so that they would appeal to the widest possible audience. I'm not greatly impressed with eccentric bottom brackets, and so I would prefer a setup that put single-speed first and kept the BB area clean and simple... basically sliding drops.

    I remembered the Cielo from the Bike Show at Earl's Court a couple of years ago, and so I started reading the reviews for it:­nterbike-2009-ride-report-cielo-29er-sin­gle-speed/­ielo-cycles-29er-on-test/­ielo-cycles-29er-out-of-the-box/­ielo-cycles-29er-first-impressions/­ielo-cycles-29er-final-review/­pdate-cielo-cycles-29er/­s-kings-cielo-29er-mountain-bike-gets-up­dated-stainless-steel-road-bike-stops-hi­ding/

    And loads more reviews that I can't recall links for.

    And then I looked at their site and saw this:

    And that was it, they had me.

    So I've been researching parts, and specifying what I want. Mostly I want the bike in the picture which I fell for, but I also want a squashy front and single-speed... which that bike doesn't have.

    The current parts list looks like this, but is subject to change. Most likely to change will be the saddle and grips... just not sure Brooks are right for me, but yet again I know they will look right on the bike so I'll give it a whirl and find out if they work.

    The basic components I believe I'm happy with. What's missing from this late thread is all of the back and forth that led to them being selected.

    Many people have advised not to go single-speed, but this is LFGSS, what the hell are people expecting?! Single-speed 29er is probably the most fun I can imagine on a bike so I can't wait to be doing it frequently.

    Parts selected (and most of which have been acquired already):

    • Cielo steel 29er in Pearl White with Navy Blue logo (only colour that matches hub colour perfectly)
    • Chris King headset, BB and ISO hubs in Navy Blue
    • Silver Thomson Elite seatpost and Thomson Elite X4 stem
    • DT Swiss double-butted competition spokes with Stan's ZTR Arch rims (in black, as they don't do silver), Maxxis Beaver tyres to start with
    • Fox 32 Float 29 100 RLC FIT Taper 15QR forks.... tapered headtube on the frame of course
    • Brooks leather grips and Brooks Swallow (black) saddle
    • Middleburn RS8 XC 5-arm chainset
    • Shimano XTR M988 brakes and calipers
    • Ritchey Classic flat bars

    tl;dr It's white with blue accent parts, Brooks saddle and black rims

    The initial gearing will be a 31:17 which is in the recommended all-rounder GI of 50-55 GI for a 29er singlespeed.

    Bromley Bike Company ( ) are managing the build for me as they are the importer for Chris King and one of the very few places in the UK that could get the Cielo range (being CK importers they obviously have a good relationship, and when you go custom that's reassuring).

    They've been great so far, providing good updates of progress, and even speaking to Middleburn to get the cranks modified to make them better suit their single-speed application:

    Rather than using the standard triple spider they are going to turn down the back of the spider and remove the granny ring mounting surfaces. This will give you a much neater and single speed friendly finish. Hopefully this will be a real nice detail to add to your bike.

    It's the details that make or break a custom build, and that is obsessive attention to detail.

    I'll upload a couple of photos from Chris King/Cielo showing my frame being built in a moment.

    Edit: Jump to finished bike:­post2749541

    And photos:­Lq9


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