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  • Thanks for a very well reasoned response Oliver.

    Do you think there is any value in specific points being put across at the point of sale of bikes? It is law that a TV license application form is included with the sale of a TV set...why not a simple non scaremongering leaflet with bikes?

    Oh, I think that would be a good thing, but so would cycle training at point of sale. However, remember that a huge number of bikes are sold, hm, 'informally'.

    Do you believe the message about lorry dangers is communicated enough? I feel that we should be going out to communicate on the street where possible.

    It can always be communicated better--we're already devoting a lot of resources to that, but more always helps (as long as the information is of good quality).

    I also dislike those diagrams of lorry blindspots. It doesn't matter. Stay behind the lorry and you'll be out of harms way. For example, what happens if you lose your front wheel on ice when alongside a lorry? You'll still go under the rear wheels...

    I like those diagrams. I wish that it was always sufficient to show people what to do rather than what not to do, but it rarely is.