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  • Adrian, I'm out at the moment, almost finishing a round europe expedition (shameless self plug! !)

    Excellent - just been enjoying reading that instead of working.
    (enjoyment mixed with extreme jealousy). Good to see plenty of focus on one of the main joys of touring - the opportunity to eat lots of nice food...

    As far as the OP goes - really, don't worry too much, if you've got the bits to put an Inbred together to tour on then it's well worth doing. Though it might be worth considering that Old Man Mountain racks are pretty expensive, so for a road tour you might want to weigh up the cost of one of those (which seem to be about £100 now) against just buying a frame you can attach a standard rear rack to.
    Or you could use a normal rack on your Inbred with one of these­t-for-qr-axle-mounting/ and p-clips at the top - for a week's tour that'd be more than enough.
    (though might have disc brake clearance issues?)


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