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  • So I have been given the go ahead to go for a mini tour next year (max 1 week!!!!, we have a young family!), and now I have starting thinking about which bike to use.

    I have already done a few one nighters close to home with the pompino; great but the pompino has obvious limitations. I have a 1st generation sliding dropout Inbred which I think would be ideal with the steel rigid fork and discs, but the problem is is that there are no rack eyelets at the bottom where the chain stays and seat stays meet!!

    The other idea is to get a new Kaffenback frame - I have most components at home - bars, wheels etc!!!

    I have a fair idea what I would like to do (the more expensive option of getting a new frame!!!!) But I would like to hear if anyone else has toured with the inbred with discs and what racks etc did they use.

    Many thanks



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