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  • [QUOTE=OmarLittle;2349817]MiD why don't you just stop posting about the riots. It is boring. There is still rolling news coverage to keep you entertained so why not watch that and give the forum a break from it!

    : (

    OmarLittle, you hurt me with your cruel words.

    I am trying to build bridges between people and all you can do it hurl shit and lies about me around the internet.

    Don't think there was any harm meant in that comment - it's much more likely just pure frustration.
    The goddamn News thread has dominated the bloody forum for a week with over 3000 posts, mostly about the riots and mostly talking complete crap.

    Really don't think many people really want to dwell on it.[/QUOTE]

    Yet you and him see a thread about the riots and come here to make fun of my attempts to build bridges between people through expressive art, dance and poetry, that was bad enough but then you people start slinging accusations about, calling me a Jew (which I am not) and threatening me.


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