• the top of Darkshill in richmond park on the way back is tastey little climb in the final few km

    Looking at the map they're not going up Dark Hill. From Kingston Gate they appear to go straight on to Richmond Gate, then right back to Roehampton Gate.

    But, Richmond does seem to be a good bet for viewing. On the outward leg they exit Richmond Park sharp left to go down the steep Star & Garter hill only to meet a sharp right hander about two-thirds down. They'll have to scrub all their speed to turn into Petersham Road so I wouldn't be surprised to see an off or two if it bunches up.

    Plenty of space along Petersham Road and even some elevated positions as they approach the top of Richmond Bridge where there's a sharp left to cross the river. Enjoy a coffee in Richmond and walk back up the hill to the Park where there's miles of roadside to catch them on the return leg.

    The Roebuck's a nice place to stop afterwards, the famous view down to the river and Ham common. Or go back down to the town and left onto the riverside where there's loads of pubs.


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