• Great initiative, Mocker. One word of warning. People have tried this again and again in Hackney over the last ten years, and the one sticking-point that it's always come down to is premises. If you somehow manage to secure affordable premises, you're good to go, but it's been very difficult. Hackney is a borough under serious development pressure and no suitable council property (at least from what we've been able to explore over the years). In the LCC in Hackney, we have long wanted to kick off a Cycling Centre for the borough somewhere central, but it's been impossible to find a building or just a shop to do it in. There's also a problem with the availability of funding streams.

    Nothing that can't be overcome, especially if you have long experience in the bike trade and could open a shop while paying commercial rent, but it's worth concentrating on solving this problem first. I'll point this thread out to some other people who might be interested but aren't on the forum that often or at all.