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  • Def up for a tandem ride soon assuming I haven't sold the pug by then.
    In other news the loprotracktadem frame is possibly for sale at the moment(frame inc eccentric bb shell, 2 posts and all frame bolts. no stems or drivetrain) if anyones interested? No idea of price tho, pics are somewhere on here, will have a look.

    need to sell it to start restoring my claud butler ultra club tandem(similar to the uswb except the 2nd downtube runs from front to back instead of up to the captains seatube as above)
    needs 9 cable guides, one shifter, 2 sets of brake bosses. new chrome for the forks, new paint for the frame and new chrome for the stems.
    gonna cost a fuckton of money to get sorted :(


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