• Thanks, we did. Huge thanks to Clive for putting together such a lovely route. Five of us rode to Richmond Park, via Putney, site of the Putney Debates: cliveo, Ramaye, skydancer, and Lola on her first forum ride. Do delurk, Laura!

    We also bumped into alien at RP, who unfortunately couldn't come along. skydancer (who was heard muttering about something called 'Critical Mass') and Lola then returned east. The rest of us ('the Black Bloc') carried on. We visited St George's Hill (now a private estate that the security guard wouldn't let us ride through--an irony noted by many people before), Windsor (studiously ignoring the big pile I hear Mrs Windsor has there), and Runnymede. There were a few more significant locations en route, including the building in which Clive was born. Cafe stop at Runnymede and a lovely stop at Prancer Towers rounded off a wonderful day with perfect riding weather.

    Just as we were leaving James's house, someone wrestling a small white car asked me: 'Is this the M3?' Given that she immediately realised I was right when I pointed out that it wasn't a motorway to start with, I really wonder where that question came from.

    Some other comedy moments included Clive leading us off on what he thought would be a turn to the river, straight into a slightly bedraggled-looking Royal Wedding street party, and fairly consistent swearing at innocent bunting put up by a celebrating population amid general Republican tomfoolery.

    Thanks for the brilliant company, guys, and here's to the next steps towards a Cliveolution!