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    A friend of mine is a fantastic artist. He works as a concept artworker for a pretty big feature production company. He's very creative and has a lot of great ideas. He's just written a script for a short which he's been banging on about for about 2 years. When he first mentioned it to me I was really keen. The idea sounded great and I expressed an interest in producing it (I've produced music videos and short films in the past but am currently a news producer of sorts.) He sent me the script last night and, without beating around the bush, it's shit. It's really, really, really shit. It's like I imagine the treatment for the Rebecca Black 'Friday' promo to be. But maybe a bit worse.

    Thing is, he's very self concious about it. And very self-aware about the fact that it's taken so long as he's been trying to get it right. How do I either A. go about subbing it to something I'd feel comfortable producing (because the heart of the story is still a really dark/funny and original idea) or do I tell him to re-do it?

    When I've received scripts and treatments in the past my reaction has been more like: "lose this line, more of this, reword this". This will require a complete rewrite but I don't want to make the guy feel like shit and put him off.


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