• Now i know there are a fair few film and TV technicians on here and also a good number of directors, agency people, film students and other people from the 'creative industries'(sorry) around as well so i thought somewhere to post on the forum could be useful.

    There are often posts from people looking for people to come shoot something last minute or in need of equipment and advice so if it could be used as somewhere for people to go with their questions and requests from like minded people rather than on shooting people, mandy etc.

    As a clapper loader with 4 years experience working on low budget features and TV dramas moving up to focussing and going through the usual early year under employment phase it would be good to find anyone shooting a cheap ass music promo who needs crew to gather more experience and similarly if anyone needs to know how to load an Arri 416 mag, lace a Panaflex or set a Red camera to ramp from 25fps to 100fps (or other such random questions) then maybe these questions could be answered by someone on here. Similarly if you want to get some problems of your chest somewhere that your colleagues are most likely not going to be looking or you have a daft question about invoicing and freelancing then maybe you will get some sympathy and guidance(or epic ribbing)from the forum.



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