• Can anyone post links/explanation/recap as to what has actually happened here?

    It would be a long tale.

    Something along the lines of: Loic was in 5th Floor, Loic and 5th Floor somehow go separate ways, war of words commences online with 5th mostly ignoring and Loic mostly going bananas, in the real world 5th shun Loic (or at least Loic thinks he's been shunned)... Loic starts trolling anti-5th Floor stuff on various blogs and on LFGSS. Fast forward a chunk of time: Loic gets banned from here, other bogs also tire of the trolling, 5th aren't sure who the troll is but strongly suspect Loic. All the dots are joined together and Loic is named and shamed as the troll. Unfortunately Loic's naming and shaming comes a couple of hours after some guys (allegedly involved in 5th Floor) have duped Loic (by pretending to buy a bike he's selling) to Arnold Circus whereby he's confronted. Loic's ride is D-locked and Loic is then apparently outnumbered and jumped, with some punches thrown and kicks being included. Loic reports it to the police, 5th Floor admit on LFGSS a confrontation occur but play down the scope... no-one on here or elsewhere really knows what has happened and when considering whether to listen to a troll or a group who appear to be active in the community people listen to the group. More rumours go around, it's just not going away... and the info about there being a police investigation come out as well as actual details about where the ambush happened and who might have been involved.

    So we've gone from an original falling-out into a near constant path of escalation that so far has resulted in one guy allegedly being ambushed and physically assaulted. Hopefully people will now realise the line has been over-stepped by a big fucking distance... No-one involved seems innocent, all were dicks, but the physical violence is a league beyond the trolling.

    What the 5th Floor sponsors think of all of this I have no idea.


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