• Opened.

    Because it's a Wednesday and we haven't had popcorn in a few days.

    So... the more I hear the more I'm "WTF!?".

    Loic did get beat up, practically ambushed. There's a police report for it and it's being investigated... as it should. Which means that we should all STFU and let the police get on with it and not speculate about what we don't know... and it also means that we shouldn't pretend it didn't happen and sweep it under the carpet.

    Whilst I've yet to get all the details and have only heard hearsay, what I'm hearing is all strongly one-sided. Loic apparently concedes he's been a dick, has put his hands up and admitted it. But nothing that anyone does online is any justification for giving that person a kicking in. Being a dick online isn't actually illegal, assaulting someone in the real world is.

    As a community we really shouldn't ignore it. This thing hasn't settled and I don't know first hand what happened (I wasn't there... I was probably in West London drinking beer... that's my alibi and I'm sticking to it)... but when it does settle I do think that as a larger community (beyond just LFGSS... London cyclists, shops, manufacturers, etc) should step up and consider whether this behaviour is acceptable. If it turns out the hearsay is spot on (and it's pretty consistent hearsay at the moment), then 5th Floor have fucked up big style and Loic has turned from a troll into a victim.

    There is just no place in the cycling community for thugs. Drugs, yes*... thugs, no.

    • I have to say yes to drugs otherwise we'd lose the UCI ProTour.

    Basically... it doesn't seem done and dusted, I don't think if the hearsay is correct that it should be ignored or moderated off of the forum. It may not (as a non-tricks rider) affect me directly, but it certainly isn't good shit for the London scene.


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