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  • Just need some advice. I know a cycling forum is not the best place but you guys have large base of experience.

    I just got given my months notice to leave the flat me and my girlfriend have been living in. It came as somewhat a suprise as we have only just been here six months and have never had any issues, rent paid on time, we keep the flat in good nick etc. The landlord said that he has to sell it but we are not entirely sure he is being truthful (more suspicion than any real evidence).

    However he has offered us another property which looks nice. My girlfriend and were hesitant to accept this new place as we are concerned that he'd try to kick us out again in another 6 months, something that we simply don't have either the time or energy to let happen. We discussed this with him and he said he'd be willing to sign a 12 month contract (with no 6 month get out clause) as he has seen we have been excellent tenants before.

    Does anyone what would happen if he tried to kick us out before the contract ended? Would we be able to get any compensation. Any info would be appreciated.


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