• Seeding 2011

    I think we need to take a vote some time soon, as tournaments are starting to be talked about. So, all the regulars, start thinking about the order of ability you would put your fellow players in.

    These are the people I consider to be regular, or semi-regular players. **If your name isn't on the list, but you'd like to be considered for tournaments, please add yourself ASAP. **

    In no particular order, usernames where possible, as it's a public forum (if you want to post your actual name, feel free):


    For those who don't know, the process is as follows. From the above list, you put all of the players in descending order of ability on a piece of paper. If you don't know players, don't vote for them (part of seeding is awarding high-turnout/getting yourself known). DON'T vote for yourself (I may ask for votes to be named, so this can be checked). The papers get collated, anonymously, and then we end up with the seedings/rankings of players.

    We then use that to decide the order of first-refusal for rights to go to tournaments and/or team line-ups. So, for example, for a smaller or European tournament, only three people can go, and it goes down the list according to who has the time/money to go. For larger tournaments where we can send 2 or 3 teams, the same applies, but the seeding will decide team line-ups.

    This was the way we did it last year, and there has been little or no complaints as it's transparent and means that the best/most committed/most experienced players have the opportunites they deserve, whilst also ensuring that new players can come to bigger tournaments and also know what they need to do to move up the rankings.

    If you consider the other (informal) way of doing things, as in other cities, where people form teams based on personal preference, it can mean that the same team goes to all the best tournaments, and that nobody has the opportunity to get into that team, unless someone retires.

    If people want to discuss another system, now is the time, but you need to be quick....

    Apologies for the waffle...