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    Q: What does it mean to be registered with an ITO?**
    A: The full relationship between an ITO and any National Standard instructors
    registered to it will vary according to what is agreeable to both parties.
    However, registered trainers should have access to continuous professional
    development opportunities, updates to the National Standard for cycle training
    and other services that the ITO chooses to provide. Trainers do not have to
    be employed by the ITO in order to be registered with them.

    Q: So, as an instructor, I will have to belong to an ITO in order to
    carry on training to the National Standard?

    A: No. But if you want to be eligible to train for Local Authorities and
    School Sports Partnerships on courses funded by a DfT cycle training
    grant then you will need to become registered with a recognised ITO.
    This is to ensure that training being delivered by DfT grant is of the
    quality expected.
    Q: What are the benefits of being registered with an ITO?**
    A: Individual benefits will need to be agreed between the ITO and instructor.
    However, as a minimum, registered trainers should have access to
    continuous professional development opportunities and updates to the
    National Standard for cycle training. Only instructors who are registered with
    an ITO will be able to deliver Bikeability training and receive a DfT cycle
    training grant.
    Q: What will it cost to register with an ITO?**
    A: It will be for individual ITO’s to decide whether they want to charge, and
    if so how much.
    Q: As an instructor, can I register with more than one ITO?**
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will being registered with a particular ITO constrain who freelance
    instructors can work for?

    A: No. Freelance instructors should be able to work for whichever training
    organisation they wish.
    Q: Can I move from one ITO to another?**
    A: Yes. All ITO’s will have to have a process for allowing instructors who
    have not been trained by them to register. Any criteria
    that they wish to impose will be their decision.
    Q: Do I have to register with a local ITO?**
    A: No, you can register with any ITO.


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