• Q: What are Instructor Training Organisations?
    A: ITOs will be the only bodies recognised by Government as providing
    training for National Standard Instructor Trainers, Instructors and
    Assistant Instructors (collectively known as “instructors” throughout this
    document). Only instructors trained by ITOs will be issued with
    National Standard Instructor numbers which identify them as providing
    cycle training that meets the National Standard.

    Q: How will the quality of instructor training be ensured?
    A: All ITOs have been through an extensive application process to assess
    their ability to deliver National Standard instructor training. ITO’s training and
    management processes will be periodically scrutinised by DfT in the future to
    ensure maintenance of standards.. Any ITO unable to demonstrate that it
    remains able to deliver on all aspects required of an ITO will no longer be
    recognised by DfT.

    Q: Will new instructors trained by ITOs need to be an employee or
    member of that organisation to retain their National Standard Instructor

    A. No. However, all instructors, including existing National Standard
    instructors will need to register with an ITO. This does not need to be with the
    ITO that trained the instructor - it could be any ITO. At a minimum this will
    enable ITOs to provide an independent verification of the instructor’s National
    Standard status, and allow access to continuing professional development
    opportunities. ITO may also offer other services to instructors. It will be up to
    ITOs whether they charge a fee to registered instructors, and the level of that

    Q: Will ITOs charge for membership?
    A: It will be up to the individual ITO to decide whether they wish to charge for
    their membership services.
    Q. What will happen if an instructor does not register with an ITO?**
    A. It is a decision for individual instructors to register with an ITO or not.
    However, only instructors registered with an ITO will be eligible to deliver
    Bikeability training (via a registered Bikeability scheme). Only Bikeability
    training is eligible for DfT cycle training grants paid to local authorities and
    School Sports Partnerships.
    Q. What if instructors feel they are being over-charged by ITOs?**
    A. There will be 18 ITOs, providing a wide choice for instructors, and
    reducing the risk of high registration fees. However, DfT will informally
    monitor fees and assess potential impacts on instructors.
    Q: Is there a requirement for a minimum number of hours of
    continuing professional development (CPD)?**
    A: ITOs will be required to offer instructors registered with them the
    opportunity to undertake a minimum of three hours CPD per annum. ITOs will
    also be required to provide members with updates to the National Standard.

    Q: And what types of activity will qualify as CPD?
    A: It will be up to the ITO to decide what CPD they will offer. But this
    could include refresher training, opportunities to share best practice
    and specialist training courses.

    Q: Will ITOs be able to refuse to take on members?
    A: It is up to individual ITOs to decide on their criteria for membership.

    Q: When will there be another opportunity to apply to be an ITO?
    A: There is no set timetable. However: the DfT will review the need and
    timing of any future application process on a regular basis.
    Q: Will ITOs be reviewed/audited/inspected?**
    The Department will take steps to ensure quality is maintained. The timing
    and form of any inspection or review of individual ITOs will considered based
    on feedback from the assessment process, and any other information relevant
    to the delivery of high-quality instructor training.

    Q: Does the Department intend on only recognising ITOs that appeal to
    particular niche markets?

    A: No, this is not the Department’s intention. Providing services to a niche
    market is not part of the assessment process. Of course if an individual ITO
    wishes to promote its services to a specific market then there is nothing
    stopping it doing so.


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