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  • with virgin you get an indian call centre, who doesn't understand northern and will beat about the bush for about 10minutes costing your money on a premium number. Language barrier over it was a pretty simple process.
    however, pendelino's, their flagship mainline trains, can take like 70persons per carriege. Yeah, only has 4bike slots. any recumbants/ tandems take up the whole space, and there are an alarming number of them travelling like that!

    Grandcentral are a PROPER train company, running decent old valentia powered thrash monsters with free cups of tea/coffee and monopoly and free wireless. You can take as many bikes and luggage as you please and it never costs that much money, even if you just get on it without booking in advance. the rest need to learn a lesson, and come renewal time for service contract for west coast mainline its unlikely virgin will win it again ;)


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