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  • Hey, just wanted to give an update to everyone.

    I got called up today by a nice policeman, who told me he had been pestering this driver to come in to the station, who had recently done so. The driver in question claimed he did not remember the incident, but provided his phone number for me to contact if I wanted compensation for my bike. The policeman said this was a sure sign that the driver remembered the incident/his bad driving.

    The policeman said he would take this to court if I wanted, that he and his superior would support it. This I found kind of overwhelming as I managed to avoid the car properly hitting me. So was worried about CCTV surfacing on which it would probably look like I was not hit at all.

    So I said I was only really hoping for the driver to get a stern warning, so the wrecklessness would not go unnoticed. So the policeman said he would be very happy to do so. He said he would talk to the fella and make him regret it.

    Fantastic stuff, faith in the police restored.


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