• I'm getting rid of this Campy disc, it's just sitting there and I'm emigrating so I can't take it with me. I have a tire for it which has a puncture somewhere I'll throw in if somebody's able to fix it, I also have the original Campy QR skewer too.
    I got this from a guy down the country whom I buy from from time to time, it has a 1996 Track Championship sticker over the valve hole and I would stake my life on it that that was probably the last time it was used. It has quite a few little blemishes from being sat on a shelf in storage for years but my LBS tell me it's solely cosmetic and she spins smooth. She could do with a clean alright but she's true still.
    I'm asking for €250 plus shipping, if this is ridiculous don't start screaming, just tell me politely as I'm not 100% what it's worth. I've been following on ebay for a while and prices range from middle to mental.
    Pics to follow this afternoon.

    Postage from Republic of Ireland



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