• birds should have done all their sex work now, you wont be disturbing nests.
    if you have creepers/ ivy aint no point in doing it unless you are gonna be brutal and get right down to the bases of them, nuclear bomb should do it.
    other stuff, sounds like you arent sure if there are any plants worth keeping, so get someone to check that out too,
    really though severe cutting back is just a grind, get gloves, good loppers, dont swing a chainsaw unless you know what youre doing, make plenty provision for getting the shit out there will be piles of it. have an aim while youre working, like an hour, or clear a couple of metres space- otherwise jobs like that are endless,
    that will be £5 please for a serious answer, usual paypal thanks.good luck.

    Speaking as a NPTC certified chainsaw/pesticide geek, do NOT swing one of those fuckers around to clear the garden, especially not some poorly maintained pos from a hire place.
    If you clip anything remotely tough at full revs its gonna come straight back into your knees. You're better off with a brushcutter(more manly version of a strimmer) while wearing hightop workboots and a couple of pairs of jeans if not protective leggings.

    Billhook, slasher, loppers, htfu.
    Once you've got that shit down and cleared out you want to dig up any stumps you can and apply glyphosate over the ivy/hardier stumps, put a bin bag over weighed down with some stones and wait(don't leave it exposed or any roaming moggies will have some problems).

    And talk to Stix on here, for she is the queen of the gardeners.

    Oh, and if you hire a saw/hedgecutter and whack it into a wall, fencepost etc you're gonna get a bill for sharpening it(about £40 for a hedgecutter)



    thanks guys. good advice. will pad up and maybe pass on the chainsaw.


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