• i been thinking alot about bullhorns, i also want the profile airwings(how i found this thread) for me the benifits of bullhorns seem more than drop bars for my style riding, i also do a bit of long distance but i still never realy used the drops, i dont have brake levers to rest on though but i often use the side of the drop bars like im holding bullhorns when i accelerate or climb, but the bend makes my hands ache after to long, would think with a bullhorn i could grab the bars alot more than the brake levers where i always find on other bikes(roadbikes) my hands just rest there

    i do have some oldschool bullhorns on my old TT bike, there nearly as low as my drop bars, but i do find climbing easier, but i dont know if im not used to the bike and it isnt a fixed gear but high speeds down hills arnt as easy, but maybe i am going faster i dont know


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